Dominik Morishita-Leitner

A/V Live-Set Premiere
Sat, 11. Sept. 02:30, STWST Main Venue

Laptop with Pure Data and LibreOffice, keyboard, guitar, vocals.

Inspired by the wide web of history: From the Bronze Age collapse of 1200 BC to 1920s constructivism, from 1970s glam rock, 1980s post-punk, 1990s jungle, 2000s net label culture, bands from the haze of 2010s Linz Art University to the 2090s in Mary Shelley's The Last Man (published 1826).

Dominik Morishita-Leitner is an artist and media archivist. He is active in the intersecting fields of music, visual art, architectural theory and open source software. Graphic design, organising concerts and exhibitions under the name postmoderntalking. Musical publications: Among others, two albums with the band POSTMAN (Epileptic Media, Cut Surface Records); an EP as Konus Kalamanda (Dramacore Records); a sound picture postcard (Vinylograph), several remixes and last year two interactive DJ streams as gunship collider.