STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER was in September 2021: Documentation


Totalitarianism, dystopia, disorientation and dissolution: STWST is working on even more dematerialisation.

With OUT OF MATTER we are engaging in unbounded electromagnetic space, diffuse spheres, dissolved entities, de-confined systems. We send, darken, glow and grow. We have light, antennas, microbioms and underground. We work with exemplary positions and oppositional energy. Along the way we build open spaces and a dematerialised museum.

After a total crash of Media Art and the all-over capitalistic market places we‘re thinking some coordinates of art and technology, information and nature, material and abstraction. We deconstruct and rematerialise to show unmediated pieces – in the name of the not-answering OOM! Our intentions are basic needs and matters to keep the systems open. What are our materials? What are our resources? What are our matters?


STWST48 is a 48 hours showcase-extravaganza in September. STWST48 invites international artists and also shows new art contexts developed in and around Stadtwerkstatt. With OUT OF MATTER Stadtwerkstatt is doing it‘s 7th edition of the annual 48-hours-nonstop-showcase-extravaganza.
Start: Friday, 10th, 18:00. End: Sunday, 12th, 18:00.


Stadtwerkstatt has been an art, club and autonomous structure since 1979. As an early adopter in the context of new media and media art, the place has a history of meaningful projects since the 1980s. Nowadays Stadtwerkstatt is active in the areas of New Art Contexts, runs a club and the Cafe Strom, media channels such as the print Versorgerin and other art and discourse formats.
All current New Contexts projects. All previous projects since 1979.


STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER in exchange with APO-33, Arts Electronique, Numérique, Sonore
Project TOXIC STORIES and BLOODY FLACHWARE ART MARKET in cooperation with Netzkulturinitiative
Project RIVERBANK BUFFET supported by the MakersXchange Project's Hyper Local/Hyper Local program/exchange.
Project RADIOTOPIA - MAKE ME A SIGNAL in cooperation with Radio FRO and ∏Node Paris, as well as the Ship Stubnitz in Hamburg.


STWST48x7 is accompanied by numerous texts in the newspaper Versorgerin #131 (from Sept 3rd).
STWST48x7 is accompanied by Radio FRO, with pre-produced contributions and as live festival radio on site, from 10-12 September.


OOM curators=artists=writers=workers=designers=cooks=crooks=critical producers=core: Tanja Brandmayr, Shu Lea Cheang, Franz Xaver, Jan-Nahuel Jenny, taro klemens knopp, Pamela Neuwirth, Jakob Breitwieser, Claus Harringer, Felix Vierlinger, Jörg Parnreiter, Paul Krackowizer, Julia Arzt, Michael Aschauer, Claudia Dworschak. Plus OOM Bloody Kitchen: additionally Gams, Eva Grün, flo +++ MANY MORE


OOM Line Up: Solar Return, radio noise collective, Jenny Pickett, Julien Ottavi, Jérémy Picard & Fryderyk Expert aka la Bricool, Shu Lea Cheang, Adriana Knouf, Franz Xaver, STWST No Architects Dptm., STWST No Content Dptm. feat. Media Camper / Karel Dudesek + Marcus Kabele, Tanja Brandmayr, Astrid Benzer, Andreas Zingerle, Raphael Perret, Julian Stadon, Roland van Dierendonck, taro klemens knopp, Pamela Neuwirth, Harald Purrer, Stefan Pommer, Flo Panhölzl, Michael Aschauer, Jakob Breitwieser, tyga dares, mika bankomat, KIK3, Conny Zenk & Gischt, Elvin Brandhi, Dominik Morishita-Leitner, no 314159, Tin Man, LDY OSC, Sasha Engelmann + Sophie Dyer, Xin Liu + Gershon Dublon, Pali Meursault, Theresa Schubert, Heidi Neilson, Sarah Grant + Danja Vasiliev, Dinah Bird + Jean-Philippe Renoult (YYY), Martin Howse, Afroditi Psarra + Audrey Briot, Tetsuo Kogawa


Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, A-4040 Linz/Urfahr,

STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER is a project by Stadtwerkstatt.