Karel Dudesek and Marcus Kabele

Mobile Platform
Maindeck, continuous

1. Phase from November 2020 – October 2021, Vienna - Linz.
Mobile platform: restauration, planning and installation, infrastructural test run, off grid and self sufficiency. Support and real life tests.

2. Phase from September 2021 – open end, Ukraine, Georgia ….
http://www.worldontunes.com (Content will be started with STWST48)
World on tunes, a record day by day. Parked on the web’s chronological auditive, sometimes narrative, most of the times unedited, locally relevant remix, internationally alien, background for your daily needs, copy of a copy, recordings of self-generated sounds, unwanted noises, a stream of data, while driving forward and backward. eMail: listen@worldontunes.com

Redesigning on the go, the visual assemblage, local collages, found in streets, throwaways of the unwanted, leftovers, overprints, 3D to flatware and vice versa, sculptures and found objects, out of focus, dropouts, internal self-surveillance, external observation, error of understanding, the benefit of misunderstanding, never finished. Scanning surfaces in daylight, reclamation during night.
Inconsistent updates and releases, maybe sometimes the visual and the auditive will find a way to coexist.

Imagination of psychical cold and physical heat.
A caravan locates a fata morgana of a caravanserai or a romantic petrol pump, a lakeside or a realistic water tap, continuous solar energy or a roadside plug, a remote parking place surrounded by an lonely wet morning. Far and wide no civilisation, oneself remains quietly turned inwards, without expectations.

In today’s digital arbitrariness paired with social anxiety disorder, the metaphorical archives of the collective illusions are feeding the fake media forever. The media have always been fake, selling and recycling the sustainable morbidity of the past. Nobody is betrayed but everyone is not informed.

Karel Dudesek
Artist, musician, publisher
Performances, drawings, prints, conceptual painting.

Selection of collective works

Artistic projects - Europe
minus delta t - performance and music group
IUPA - Institute for unknown political affairs
2020 Office of redesign, Yogjakarta, Indonesia
2021 World on tunes

1990 - 1995 Ponton European Media art Lab, Radio and Television projects
1996 - 1998 Van Gogh TV Ltd. Meckelfeld
1998 - 2000 Van Gogh Television Inc., Atlanta, USA
1999 - 2001 Director of the Department of media art, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2001 - 2007 Professor and director of the Postgraduate Department for interactive digital media, at the Ravensbourne College of Design, London, United Kingdom
2009-2021 China, Indonesia
Austro Sino Arts Programm - Beijing, Chongqing, Ningbo, Hong Kong
Sewon Art Space - Yogyakarta

Marcus Kabele
Mobile device, mobile Phone SoftWare Hardware developer, Founder
1987-1989 Works in diverse IT companies, Apple, IBM in Austria
2001 CTO, founder, vice president of Alpha Thinx AG, Vienna
2000 Teacher at the Media Department, at the University of appleid art Vienna
2019 Freelance IT Support
2020 cooperation with Karel Dudesek on the mobile infrastructure