STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER ran in september:
Electromagnetic space, diffuse spheres, dissolved entities, unbounded systems, dematerialised Spaces, exemplary positions and oppositional energy.

26 projects and 8 nightline acts.
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STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER in the print Versorgerin 131:
(only german language, except 'Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics' and 'Bloody Gibling Design: Virus Becoming')
STWST48x7 im Überblick
Einige Projekte im Detail
Soil I: Toxische Geschichten
Soil II: Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics
Critical NFT: Das Haus gewinnt immer
Begleitender Text zu NFT I: Zu Besuch auf Nakamotos Ranch
Begleitender Text zu NFT II: Unter Kultisten
Bloody Gibling Design: Virus Becoming


Photos, short videos, texts and radio features.
At the end of each project link


On.Off - STWST No Content Dptm.

Raw Light_Quantum Storm - STWST No Content Dptm.

Postglow Cinema - Tanja Brandmayr, Astrid Benzer

Toxic Stories - Andreas Zingerle, Raphael Perret

Riverbank Buffet - Julian Stadon, Roland van Dierendonck

particula influxus – taro

fck tempus fugit - Pamela Neuwirth, Harald Purrer

Wellenraum - Stefan Pommer + Flo Panhölzl

Babble v.1 - Solar Return

city static - radio noise collective

FREE FLOH - Jérémy Picard & Fryderyk Expert aka la Bricool

Make Me A Signal - Shu Lea Cheang, Adriana Knouf, Franz Xaver + 10 Radio Artists

Manipulating the Signal - Adriana Knouf and The Hertzian Space - Adriana Knouf, Franz Xaver

The Grid Museum - Baustelle der Zukunft - STWST No Architects Dptm.

The Electromagnetic Massage - STWST No Content Dptm. feat. Media Camper

Office of Redesign + World on Tunes - Karel Dudesek und Marcus Kabele

ŦɏŁᵻⱣⱥ Mania - Michael Aschauer

OOM Corrupt - STWST No Content Dptm.

Nik - STWST No Content Dptm.

Strom Galeria - STWST

Notnoponton_Under the Grid - Jakob Breitwieser

Bloody Gibling - Shu Lea Cheang

Bloody Flachware Art Market - OOM Artists

OOM Bloody Kitchen - STWST Social Kitchen

Die Frauen der STWST_HerStory - STWST Archiv


23:00 Babble v.1 - Solar Return (APO33-Coop)
01:00 label me - tyga dares, mika bankomat
03:00 Material Flux - KIK3

23:00 The Absence of Nothing - Conny Zenk & Gischt
00:30 What is to be Undone - Elvin Brandhi
01:30 escaped from the lab - no 314159
02:30 Gunship Collider - Dominik Morishita-Leitner
03:30 Glacial Patient Music - LDY OSC
04:30 Spatial Acid - Tin Man

OOM live radio on RADIO FRO:
(only german language, except -'RiverbanK Buffet' and 'APO33 Guests')
Tanja B about STWST48x7
Julian Stadon & Roland van Dierendonck - Riverbank Buffet
Davide Bevilacqua und Andreas Zingerle & Raphael Peret – Toxic Stories
Michael Aschauer - Tylipa Mania
Franz Xaver – Electromagnetic Massage
Jenny Pickett und Julien Ottavi – APO33 Guests
Felix Vierlinger - OOM Nightline

Spoken in texts on Radio FRO:
(only german language, except 'Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics' and 'Center for Networked Intimacy')
STWST: OUT OF MATTER – Eine Auswahl der Projekte im Detail [00:01:24 – 00:32:25]
Raphael Perret & Andreas Zingerle: Toxische Geschichten [00:34:23 – 00:44:47]
Julian Stadon: Augmenting Ecological Aesthetics [00:46:53 – 00:58:41]
Max Grünberg: Unter Kultisten [01:01:37 – 01:12:56]
Michael Aschauer: Das Haus gewinnt immer [01:14:29 – 01:26:30]
Davide Bevilacqua ( Center for Networked Intimacy [01:29:33 – 01:40:43]
Barbara Eder: Zu Besuch auf Nakamotos Ranch [01:43:35 – 01:55:08]
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As a cooperation with APO33:
Some projects of STWST48x7 OUT OF MATTER were already shown in Nantes/F from July to August 2021.

Now the end of the end of Out Of Matter:
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