Radio Noise Collective

Collective Radio Performance + Scores
Sat, 11. Sept, 17:00, Meeting Point: STWST Maindeck

Everyone can participate! Bring your radio to make some noise!

Radio, the radiophonic object, its use, its extensions, its culture and its possibilities form the subject matter and the field of action of radio. Several musicians and non-musicians exploit the rich sound of this transmitter, capable of speaking all languages, playing all types of music, and which therefore represents an inexhaustible source of sounds and information. Here multiplied, the radio becomes an abundant sound language, an instrument of transversal interaction.
The situation here is reversed: radio is no longer a medium, the means of broadcasting a sound material which is foreign to it. It is the source of a new musical meaning, and it is the music itself of its intended broadcast that becomes parasitic.
The work shown is one of several parts of this year's exchange between APO33/Nantes and STWST/Linz.

Radio Noise Collective is a project proposed by Apo33 to perform with Radio receivers and everyday cracked electronics. Scores for Radio by Jenny Pickett, Julien Ottavi and Fryderyk Expert will be displayed in different parts of Linz city.
All the performers and the public will meet at STWST on Saturday the 11th, 17:00!