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DIE FRAUEN DER STWST (‚The Women of Stadtwerkstatt‘)

HerStory Meet&Greet
STWST Maindeck, Sunday, 12. Sept, 15:00 – 18:00

“The Women of Stadtwerkstatt” is a project that started at the STWST in spring 2021. It is dedicated to the women who have worked at the STWST since 1979 or who also lived there at the beginning. It is about activities, participation, life paths, struggles, artistic projects, inner structures, perspectives then and now, movement(s), subcultures, emancipation, social politics, empowerment or agency, the transformative power - and about the history and stories of the women and the house.

“The Women of Stadtwerkstatt” addresses the underrepresentation of women in general, or the questions of the lower visibility and media presence of women - here with the practical approach of the STWST. From the very beginning, the STWST itself has fought against encrusted structures, but the criticism of the alliance of men has been voiced again and again in the environment of the Stadtwerkstatt. The material directly and indirectly illuminates the artistic and cultural production as well as the activism of the various phases of the house. The story is told differently.

Approximately 20 refreshing interviews have already taken place as preliminary research. Further material is expected to accumulate. A publication and a film are currently being planned as longer-term projects.

“The Women of STWST - HerStory Meet&Greet” is a stopover, an interim invitation to STWST48 to gather the women who have already been interviewed. No materials will be taken outside yet. The aim at this stage is to widen the circles, to bring more women and/or sex/genderfluid people, and also to drop in as a 'woman of STWST' not yet addressed by STWST - to meet each other.

HERE IS THE INVITATION: This goes to all women who have already been interviewed to come themselves and to bring the 'environment' with them. The invitation also goes to women who have not yet been approached by the STWST: Please just come. With or without accompaniment. We are in the process of circulating the research!

The plan is:

++ from 15:00 Welcome with art currency voucher
++ from 15:00 appetizers from the Herzblutwiese
++ approx. 16:00 if required: a tour of the present STWST
++ 17:30 Group photo. Whoever is there is in it.

The rest is something between a sex- and genderfluid STWST summit and an informal meeting.

All, who want to come:
Chris Althaler
Gudrun Bieltz
Sabine Bitter
Tanja Brandmayr
Claudia Dworschak
Astrid Esslinger
Claudia Hochedlinger
Sandra Hochholzer
Gabriele Kepplinger
Petra Moser
Gisela Porod
Ushi Reiter
Helga Schager
Valarie Serbest
Dagmar Schink
Ruth Schnell
Brigitte Schober
Olivia Schütz
Erika Wolfinger
Gitti Vasicek

A project of STWST and STWST Archive. It has already been put on the agenda several times in recent years with the increased archive activities of the STWST, was supposed to start in 2020 and was then postponed to 2021 due to the lockdown and finally started in April 2021 with great enthusiasm. It is being run for the STWST by Pamela Neuwirth (interviews), Claudia Dworschak (film) and Tanja Brandmayr (STWST concept).

Images: 2 exemplary posters from the STWST poster archive.
Frauentheater (‚Women's Theatre‘) - 1981 (to our knowledge, more info welcome).
Feminismus &Krawall (‚Feminism&Riot‘) - 2013 (in charge: Vala Serbest, graphics: Silke Müller)