Jérémy Picard & Fryderyk Expert aka la Bricool

A journey in a circuit bent canoe
Canoe trip from the water ski school along the Danube beach to the DeckDock.
Fri + Sat afternoon, flexible time, Watch out for the Canoe!

Sound performance of circuit bent toys controlled by a canoe.
The idea is to find toys from local second hand shops and bend them into the city’s river. With this project we experience the duality between noise coming from bent toys and the tranquility of canoeing.
During a residency on the boat Eleanore in july 2021 with for Electropixel #11 and organised by APO33 and STWST48, a discussion with SWST’s crew about our passion for circuit bending directed us to Sunday Flohmarkt in Linz. Here we found some electronic treasures, but this time they would not end up in a typical bending.
While we were bending on the boat, we came up with the idea of mixing flohmarkt toys with the water flow. Using the canoe’s elements to control sounds of the toys - such as their switches, glitching, distortion and so on.
The work shown is one of several parts of this year's exchange between APO33/Nantes and STWST/Linz.

La Bricool is composed of Jéremy Picard and Fryderyk Expert. Sounds artists and makers. Their collaboration is based on teaching circuit bending and electronics to children and creating interactive installations.The residency with for Electropixel#11- FREE+FLOW, organised by APO33 and STWST has led us to incorporate alternative ways to perform with our circuit bending.