Jakob Breitwieser

Open Design Concept
DeckDock Danube Shore, continuous

NONOPONTON 2021 - UNDER THE GRID joins a series of continuous attempts to allow oneself to dream, to give space to the mind games at the STWST-Donaulände, km 2135.
An art space - to give space to art, in a figurative sense also …to receive something benevolently, to contribute to its unfolding …
Buildings are demonstrations of their time, of the public, are striking signs, often erected under the protection of construction fences, always excluding, visually omnipresent and with high recognition value.
The construction fence construction kit by Jakob Breitwieser wants to give impulses of value and norm conception, in dealing with naturally erected visual protections, with barrier fences and construction fence banners, as a protective measure also available as a political complete set.
The construction fence is a play with nature on the Danube, has always changed in time at different intervals, is subject to the rules of high water and deep land, is a temporary place in dialogue with the Danube, its banks and all around. A building site, which is resonating various things.

Jakob Breitwieser works in STWST.
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