STWST No Content Dptm.

Light clocking / semiconductor noise
2nd floor office rooms, Continuous

24 light sources are clocked together with a synchronised semiconductor noise, the quantum storm.

A light construct consisting of 24 luminaires suspended from the ceiling is switched on and off in a constant cycle. Between raw construction and abstraction, between metal and immaterial materiality, the light, questions arise about the fundamental materials. For example, about electricity as the basic unit of our civilisation. Electricity as the basis of technology is so self-evident that it almost disappears as a fact. With light as naturally occurring electromagnetic radiation, we refer to generated electricity. For example, to the electricity noise of the power lines. We move on to semiconductor noise, which can be heard in space as a pd-patched quantum storm: where classical physics loses its meaning lies the world of quanta. The sounds that arise via semiconductors, atomic decay, heat or interstellar hydrogen challenge our powers of perception and abstraction. The sources of creativity lie between nothingness as a formless something, and the smallest, noisiest units we are willing to perceive.
The work was shown in the summer of 2021 at electropixel 11, as part of the STWST and APO33 Exchanges at Plateforme Intermédia in Nantes/F.

A work of STWST No Content Dptm. feat. Franz Xaver with 'Quantum Storm'.