Stefan Pommer and Flo Panhölzl

Digital Sound Machine / Installation
STWST Main Venue
Sat, 11.Sept 08:00 - 14:00
Sun, 12. Sept 08:00 - 18:00

A digital sound machine spans an acoustic wave space by means of groups of sine oscillators. In doing so, it seeks its way between the states of more and less, pulse and surface, narrowness and expanse, consonance and dissonance, cosmos and chaos. The movements of those present in the space influence the movements of the machine in sound and space. Sometimes silence reigns. OOM!

Stefan Pommer
is a freelance illustrator, painter and digital artist. He enjoys exploring the fringes of perception and is currently working on nature studies of microscopic life forms and digital audiovisual machines.

Flo Panhölzl
works in the fields of biology and computer science, among others, and is currently working on very large viruses and digital sound synthesis.